What is FITE 2021?

#FITE2021 is the first annual fundraising event that is taking place to support the mental health charity Mind. Whether through the loss of family or friends, uncertainty about exams or through general effects of the pandemic, students have been particularly affected by mental health problems. As such, we feel it is our duty to support those who are struggling and need our help, and this can be done via Mind.

FITE is a collection of 61 university societies (finance, investment, trading and economics) that have joined together for this challenge of raising £10,000 by running, walking or cycling 10,000km within the first 2 weeks of March.

How can I take part?

The Reading Finance Society have set out the goal of running, walking or cycling 1000km throughout the period of #FITE2021 (1-15 March) with our personal fundraising goal of £1000.

To take part in this, you can join our running Strava club to track you distance; the cycling Strava club; or if you'd simply like to donate to our goal you can do so here!

Feel free to reach out to any of the committee members on social media if you want any more advice, and be sure to look out for our posts in the run up to, and during, the event!

For more information about FITE and what the organisation is about, please click here.